Helios Logs


This will be where I update you all about life in 2047 through logs.


5/22/2047~ 2 months ago they launched the new space program which allows civilians to do extraterestrial living, now that's nice but only the rich can go and if you have any diseases forget about it, they label you worse than poor if you have an illness.

5/29/2047~ Netrunners attacked the power grid in Neu Berlin, not sure why they attacked such a small area. Probably just some people testing out some daemons. The United Unions have not mentioned anything about it at this time.

6/04/2047~ The United unions declared a new space colony will be made near their colony on the moon as a sister site to live at. On top of that the corpos at Militant Arms and Monolith Systems have declared all out war on each other.

7/17/2047~ Militant Arms is starting to recruit members of the public to help fight their corpo war. On top of that Monolith Systems bought out Hyperion Robotics to help build a new line of androids.

9/16/2047~ A Militant Arms AV, full of heavy artillery, crashed into the badlands. It was on its way to Nexus when their onboard A.I. went rogue and crashed itself, the weirdest part is why a heavily armed vehicle was heading towards a rich man's sky city.

10/24/2047~ It's been a little while since I've been on here, just wanted to say thanks for 900 views. Still surprised people care to even look at this site, either way here's the news. A person was spotted at New Little Odessa plotting a hit on the town mayor. Queen Xyrgous and her alien army fought against the rebels at New-Kansa, it was a win for Queen Xyrgous.

11/05/2047~ The feds raided Occipital after they got caught taking people from Neu Berlin and taking them to Nexus. They were creating mutants and other deranged experiments. They caught them through that "s\Salvation" website Occipital created.